Sonic vs chip vs shadow

Race results.


Sonic vs Shadow vs Chip is a 3-player race that occurs on one of Megaracing3's beginner tracks, three players are playing the game: Joseph Jackson as Sonic the Hedgehog, Shawn Coy as Chip, and Joshua Jones as Shadow the Hedgehog. The racing track is Downtown Emerald City.


Sonic throws a Chili Dog in the road, Chip's vehicle slips over it. Shadow is hit by Super Sonic using Special Attack to get farther in front of Shadow and Chip.  Sobic gets a Regular Dash and Chip who is far behind, gets a Golden Dash he is trying to catch Shadow. Once in front of Shadow, Chip tries to catch up to Sonic, who is a 1 split second away from the finish line, Chip, who is 13 seconds from the finish line, tries to catch up when Shadow 'Golden Dashes' in front of him, far by 4 seconds, Shadow crosses the finish line and 4 seconds later, Chip does. Sonic wins!