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Part 1Edit

Sonic throws a fireball at Shadow. Shadow throws a triple fireball at Sonic, he falls out for 12 seconds. Sonic uses his Super Sonic form. Shadow got far behind. Sonic ran through the track for a second All-Star move. Shadow was very far behind. Sonic let his competitive mind get over him. He ran through the whole track and in a flash, he was back in his transportation. "How did Shad get so far behind?" Sonic said. "Oh well." Sonic said. He went through the whole track. Shadow didn't know what to do to win. Sonic dodged every item thrown at him. Shadow tried throwing a missile and triple missile. It did nothing because Sonic jumped over it. Sonic got out of his car and went super again. Shadow was about to give up. Shadow skated the track when Sonic's All-Star Move was over. Shadow ran the laps he could, then It was the 5th lap. The track was very long. Shadow finally caught up. Sonic decided Shadow should get back in his car. Shadow then agreed.

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Sonic threw a double missile. Shadow did not block it. He got hit for 8 seconds. He tried to avoid everything, nothing worked. Shadow couldn't win. He finally went Super Shadow. Sonic just ran.