Shadow and Knuckles compete in a race at Green Hill Zone.

Part 1Edit

Shadow says "Ha ha, Knuckles, you can't win this, this is a race you can't win." Knuckles replied, "Ha, Shadow, I'm pretty calm today, but don't try any tricks. Ha, just kidding, "I'll see you later when the race starts." Shadow said. "Okay, but remember, whoever wins, the better." Knuckles replied. Later, the race starts.

Part 2Edit

In the first lap: First, Shadow backs up his kart to the start position. Positions: 1st: Shadow 2nd: Knuckles Knuckles backs his kart to his start position. Shadow boosts in front of Knuckles. Knuckles boosts from the start position of a trick place. He boosts in front of Shadow. Then, Shadow used a controller to make Knuckles go crazy. He then throws the controller on the road. Knuckles crushes the controller with his kart. Then Shadow is far in front. Second lap: Knuckles throws a chili dog, spinning Shadow out for 3 seconds. Knuckles then uses Golden Dash. He's in front of Shadow by 1 second. Shadow uses Regular Dash. Knuckles boosts from a start position of a trick place. Final lap: Shadow and Knuckles use no items except Shadow using Super Shadow. Shadow wins the race.