Main RulesEdit

  • No Cursing- No cursing is allowed. "Crap or "hell" is fine. No overusing them or harrassing other users with the word.
  • No Vandalism- Vandalism is adding false information onto a page or lying about the false information and replace real information. Don't do it.
  • No Spam- Spam is creating without putting information onto it or removing content from a page. This is totally not allowed.
  • No harassment- No insulting, threatening and harrassing users. It is not allowed and is just plain mean. It is not allowed on any wiki.
  • No arguing- Arguing another user is not allowed and also plain mean, to you and the user you're arguing. It's not allowed.
  • No threatening a user to commit suicide or die- It is just plain mean. It could get you blocked even if you're kidding.
  • No inserting stuff that has nothing to do with the wiki- This wiki is meant for racing, games, and racing adventures, and nothing else. This could be a big rule. Don't do it.

Administration RulesEdit

  • No abusing your administration powers- This will get you banned or result in an administrator turning you back into a regular user. Blocking users unconstructively is not allowed.