Canterlot Castle Rainbow Dash 3
Rainbow Dash is one of the main protagonists of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Rainbow Dash is set to in Megaracing 5 as a a DLC character in the Wii U version and an unlockable character in the 3DS version. Rainbow Dash's vehicle is very light cerulean with colors of her mane on the side, the player can name the race vehicle with any name, but developers made the game to say the name can only include "rainbow", "dash",  "awesome", "cool", and "radical".


  • Speed: 7.75/10, 15/20 (updates of games)
  • Handling: 5/10, 10/10 (updates of games)
  • Drift: 3/10, 6/20 (updates of games)
  • Acceleration: 2/10, 4/20 (updates of games)
  • Mini-Turbo: 4/10, 8/20 (updates of games)
  • Off-Road: 4.5/10, 9/20 (updates of games)
  • Plane Speed: 10/10, 20/20 (updates of games)