"It's-a-me, Mario?"
Vital statistics
Position Plumber
Age 23
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 5'1"
Weight 155 lb.
Name Mario
Also known as Basin Brain, Big Brute, Bro., Butch Mario, Butterball, Captain, Captain 'Stache, Captain Kidder, Clumsy Crush-a-lot, Crocodile Mario, Darling, Dear, Dr. Mario, Drain Brain, Drains-for-Brains, Dumber Plumber, Faucet Face, Faucet Flop, Faucet Freak, Gonzales, Handsome Mustache Man, Hero of Legend, Heroic Mustache Man, Horrible Rabbit Grabber, Jumpman, Lasagna Lovin' Loser, Luigi, Linguine Breath, Little Mario, Lunkhead, Macoroni Mouth, Mario Master, Mario-san, Master Mario, Maria, Mariotta, Marty-O, Mister Man, Mr. Big Shot, Mr. Bigtime Gambler, Mr. Cutie, Mr. Jumpsallthetime, Mr. Mustache, Mr. Squishy, Murphy, Muttonhead, New Bee, Nozzle Nose, Old Man, Old 'stache guy, Pain-in-the-Drain Plumber,
Species Human
Gender Male
Bithdate Unknown (Mario's birthday is most commonly confirmed as September 13, there are two sources that share the information')
Birthplace Mushroom Kingdom
Ability Type All-Around
Family Luigi (brother)
Voice actor Unknown
Japenese voice actor Unknown

Mario is the long-time rival of Sonic the Hedgehog.


Mario first appeared in Donkey Kong. Donkey Kong had kidnapped Pauline. In Donkey Kong Jr., Mario kidnapped Donkey Kong as revenge for kidnapping Pauline. In Mario Bros., He went on his first adventure with Luigi.

Racing SkillsEdit

Mario is very good at racing. He has appeared in all racing games. He will also appear in Mario Kart 8, coming in 2014. He doesn't have speed bonuses. Luigi is better than him at racing. And so is Daisy.