Maria the Hedgehog
"Shadow, I beg of you, give them a chance, to be happy!
Vital statistics
Position Meh..
Age 12
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 2'11"
Weight Secret
Name Maria Robotnik
Also known as 42 Flavors of Stupid (by Hedgehog Dude), Werehouse of Stupid (by Hedgehog Dude), Dummie (by Hedgehog Dude), Sweetness (by Hedgehog Dude), The Idiot of the Galaxy (by Hedgehog Dude), Sugar Queen (by Hedgehog Dude)
Species Human
Gender Female
Bithdate 172, 3175
Birthplace Earth
Ability Type Speed
Family Gerald Robotnik (grandfather, deceased)
Jennifer Vasquez (grandmother, deceased), Geraldo Robotnik (father)
Meredith Sanders (mother)
Bertha Robotnik (aunt)
Ivo Kintobor (uncle)
Voice actor *Moriah Angeline (games)
  • Rebecca Handler "Honig" (Sonic X
Japenese voice actor Yuri Shiratori (games and Sonic X)

Maria Robotnik is Shadow's dead friend from the past. She was killed by the pilot of the Heavy Dog during the raid on Space Colony ARK.

Early lifeEdit

Maria was born possibly on 172, 3175 to Meredith Sanders on Planet Earth. She suffered from Neuro-Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (NIDS). She transported to Space Colony A.R.K. because her illness was contagious could be deadly if allowed to spread. Since then, Prefessor Gerald had been talking to the Presidents (13 presidents from the current one) about a creation the President wanted to make. Gerald refused until he discovered a way to cure Maria. Gerald created Shadow as a means to study immortality and to use the fruits of the project to attempt to cure Maria. After Shadow's creation, Maria and Shadow became friends. 


Maria's life did not last long. One day, G.U.N. raded the ARK. Maria appeared to have been running with Shadow. While running, Maria is shot in the back by a soldier. Maria shoves Shadow into the capsule. She walks over to the lever and pulls the lever down. Then, she falls to the floor, dead.


She appears as a playable character in Megaracing 2 as a hedgehog. In Megaracing 3, Maria is shown in the audience cheering for Shadow but you can't hear her. This is only seen in the Megaracing 3.

Kart: Blonde version of Amy's Pink Cabriolet with Maria's name written on it with a blonde circle instead of pink heart, Blonde Love-Lever.

Speed: 8

Handling: 3

Acceleration: 9

Item Skills: 7