Lightning Dude is known to have a "bottomless" "pit-like stomach", and a monster appetite..


Lightning Dude loves nachos, and eats them because he thinks their taste is awesome. Lightning Dude was born with hyped-up taste buds. They spray a liquid onto the food, expanding the taste.

His stomach's feelings and  LD's quotesEdit

Hungry: His stomach will growl, telling him that it's hungry.

Upset: His stomach will groan in a sickened way, so it may be upset.

Overstuffed: This has happened to LD several times. His stomach will groan, and sometimes will create a bubble inside. This causes Lightning Dude to belch.


"Hurry up, guys, I'm hungry!"

"Ahhhhhh. Delicious!!!"

  • groans sickenedly* "My stomach!"


  • groans*  "I really need to stop overdoing it with the nachos! My stomach has never been this upset!!!"

(stomach roars) *rubs stomach* "Really is a monster, isn't it?"