You might be wondering what Lightning Dude's attitude in Megaracing 1, 2, 3, and 4 is!Edit

You might know Lightning Dude as a humorful, friendly hedgehog with a stomach of steel.


On the track, there are only 2 things on his mind: Beating his rivals, and oh yeah, 2 words: winn-ing. He settles for nothing but 1st, but respects the race and his rivals, and is never afraid to get a little bit down and dirty.

Notable voice clips when he does something good:

I wouldn't do that if I were you!

Ouch, you just burned me, 'cause that's hot.

Nicely done, Sonic!

"Thanks but no thanks, Orbot, I like my eggs scrambled.

Whoa ho ho ho!

Speed of Lightning!

 If I had a plate of nachos for every time I heard that...

That's what I'm tallking about!

I've got this, Maria.

Notable voice clips when he does something bad:


You've upset me enough, Scourge. Now's the time I teach you a lesson.

F.Y.I., his name is Xavier.


She's not good enough for you, Shadow!

So you really wanna go there, huh?

Well, well, look who we have here, the hedgehog who wants MY GIRL!

Bottom line, LD's attitude is perfect for Megaracing, so I put him in the game.