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Lightning Due as Lightning Blast

Lightning Dude
"That's why people call me Lightning?"- Lightning Dude
Vital statistics
Position 2nd fastest thing alive
Age 16 (born on day 358/359, 3011)
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 3'6"
Weight 79 lb.
Name Theodore "Lightning Dude" Espondant
Also known as 65 Flavors of Dumb(by Hedgehog Dude)
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Bithdate 359/360, 3012
Birthplace Mexland or Hedgehog Tribe
Ability Type Speed
Family Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Japenese voice actor Unknown

 Lightning Dude is always a big help to Sonic and the gang, but when it comes to the 2 N's: nachos and napping, he's a champion.


Early LifeEdit

Lightning Dude was born on Mershia on 359/360, 3012 to Glenda Espondant and Jackson Espondant. He gained his love for nachos, when he was 1, he got his super form, Super Lightning Dude, when he was 7 years old. He became friends with Hedgehog Dude when he was 10.

Began RacingEdit


Lightning Dude was first seen in Megaracing for the Megaracing series, the first game in the Megaracing series. His story started when he was 12, he met Sonic and hs friends, even if Lightning Dude was born 169, 3012. Since he loves having breakdance-offs with Sonic The Hedgehog, he knows how to breakdance. One day, he was out on the sidewalk, he was breakdancing, and he got nearly $500. $500 was the money everyone needed to enter the race. He built his own kart, well, with the help of Miles" Tails" Prower, as well. Hedgehog Dude was also entering, because he had taken half of Jack Cat's money from the parlor. Lightning Dude was suprised. He came in 2nd place, right behind Hedgehog Dude. That's how he started racing.



Speed: 75/80

Handling: 30/80

Item Skills: 80/80

Plane Handling: 10/80

Boat Handling: 50/80

Boost: 50/80

Mini-Turbo: 64/80


Lightning Dude can run up to 5 times the speed of light. He can break the light barrier without breaking a sweat. In Lightnind Dude vs Sonic, it is guessed he can go up to 7.5 times the speed of light. Sonic could go somewhere unmeasured bt at the speed of light or 20 times faster. He could go 10 times the speed of light as Super Lightning Dude, 12 times the speed of light as SLD 2, 15 times speed of light as SLD 3, Hyper Lightning Dude can go 60 times the speed of light. Ultra Lightning Dude can go 480 times the speed of light. Mega Lightning Dude can go 15,360 times the speed of light. Haywire Lightning Dude goes at any speed he thinks about, but goes extremely crazy, too insane to think about even doigg it.

Game InformationEdit

Date of first promotion: June 17, 2012

Years in service: 1, and still going

Designer: Shawn Edgar Coy III

Character InformationEdit

Name: Lightning Dude (his real name is confirmed to be Theodore Espondant)

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Date if birth: 359/360, 3012

Birthplace: Mershia

Height: 104.14 centimeters (3'5")

Weight: 35.8338 kilograms (79 lbs.)

Ability Type: Speed