Jawbreaker the Hedgehog is a 15-year old, purple, anthropomorphic hedgehog who is very fast and runs at 1 million miles per hour. He is very mature and protective of his friends. He is the Hedgehog Dude series' 3rd place top hedgehog. He is always a big help to Sonic and the team, he always come through for them when they need him. He is just as adventurous to Sonic, but is not lazy (unlike Sonic and Lightning Dude). He and Hedgehog Dude are related in personality, and it is possible they are family-related. He is voiced by Jason Anthony Griffith.


Early lifeEdit

Nothing much is known but Jawbreaker was born to parents named Deena and Marcus. He used to play with by-several-years-younger brother Foodbreaker and have eating contests with him. They would play adventure-related games of their own and be confident to defeat a made up enemy of theirs.