Hedgehog Dude
Sonic 137
Hedgehog Dude
Vital statistics
Position King of Mershia (acts royal-like)
Age Ageless; Physically 15
Status Alive
Physical attributes
Height 3'2"
Weight 77 lbs.
Name Maurice Ashley
Also known as Sour King by Maria mostly
Species Hedgehog
Gender Male
Bithdate 359/360, Year Unknown; December 25/26, year unknown in real life
Birthplace Solstice Island or Southside Island
Ability Type Speed
Family Unknown
Voice actor Unknown
Japenese voice actor Unknown

Hedgehog Dude is Sega's mascot for the past edition and looks just like Sonic. He has a rivalry with Maria Robotnik and Shadow (possibly).


Early LifeEdit

He was born several million years ago, on day 357 at 1:19am. He has went through a lot in life. He has been haunted by family deaths (usually). Like his mother's, grandmother's, and sister's. He was 0'5" when he was born. He was allergic to blackberries and more... . He had went through the experience of traveling, learning modern styles of fighting and racing which was all important to him in life.

Began RacingEdit

He started racing when he was 7, he had been more than happy to encourage raceers that lost the race. He had always wanted to do his best, he never cared about winning.

His seriesEdit

He appears in all of his series' games along with Lightning Dude and they both met Jawbreaker along the way. He is voiced by Skylar Andrea Dickson.


He first met Sonic in one of his series games, Hedgehog Dude vs Sonic.


Many fans have tried to figure Hedgehog Dude's speed through his trails of speed and how long they are, the creators have always told fans Hedgehog Dude goes faster than the speed of light, even faster than or the Flash (who's speed is unknown, the only speed of the Flash people know of is the third, Wally West, who went 10 times the speed of light) and Sonic goes 7 times the speed of light, 4.74173374 * 10(9).


He first appeared in Megaracing 3. Megaracing Lost World may be his last and final appearance, probably. It is unknown if he will appear in any more Megaracing games, but though he is Lightning Dude's friend, he will likely be taken out of the Megaracing part of the series.

Kart: Ultra Kart

Speed: 58/80

Accleration: 73/80

Item Skills: 40/80

Handling: 46/80

Declaration: 5/80


1. Hedgehog Dude freezed to death millions of years ago.

2. Hedgehog Dude sacrificed his life to save Mobius from the ship the ship that tried to explode Mobius.


Lightning DudeEdit

Lightning Dude is Hedgehog Dude's main relationship. He claims Lightning Dude to be his friend but he is really family with Lightning Dude. Hedgehog Dude is possibly and most likely to be his ancestor. They do hang out and do lots of stuff though. Lightning Dude has helped Hedgehog Dude for 22 years, but HD made it so Lightning Dude would stop againg so he will last forever.

Maria RobotnikEdit

Since she became a hedgehog, Hedgehog Dude has insulted her. Calling her things like . Since they met, he has been trying to go to place she is not and avoiding her most of the times. Maria does have a bit of a soft spot for Hedgehog Dude instead of Lightning Dude. Maria can never seem to get along with him. In Sonic X, he tried to kill Maria but was confronted by Lightning Dude and Shadow, who were brutally beaten trying to protect her. He seems to have got over everything and they get along (As of 5 seconds ago).

Sonic the HedgehogEdit

Sonic and Hedgehog Dude are good friends. They race each other sometimes. Sonic and Shadow have familiar relationships with him. Sonic and Hedgehog Dude have never fought or argued, unlike Hedgehog Dude and Lightning Dude.


I know what we can get for Sweetness, A LIFE!

Well, Maria, you wanna know what I think, AAAHHHH! Regga Fleeba Brecka Brecka Smullen-ullen Maria!! Yegga Hegga mergin Jewel!! Dimmy Middy Get! Rivy Flivy Diva Shiva Maria's Jew-el!!

Hey, Eggman, I just came here to scramble some eggs.

Hey, Orbot, want some scrambled eggs?

Maria's better off with Shadow, even if they are related. Then I won't have Maria annoying you or me again!

Eggman, you're just ruining the scrambled eggs, you know!"

You suckerbots really can't stop trying, I can slice you guys blindfolded, with my hands and legs tied behind my or breaking a sweat!

Great game, Trooplica. But you might just a teeny-bit more practice. - Congratulating Trooplica on their game, one is blindfolded, you should know who.


  • Hedgehog Dude doesn't have any blood, the blood in his body is an illusion.
    • Though he doesn't have blood, he can still die.
  • Hedgehog Dude is ageless.
  • Hedgehog Dude was born with his Speed Shoes on.
  • When Hedgehog Dude takes his shoes off, it's like he still has them on, except they're green.
  • Hedgehog Dude never used the Chaos Emeralds before.
  • Hedgehog Dude has ambidexterity (ambidextrous). He uses his left and right hand equally well.