This is a 15 player race on the Megaracing Speedway.


All racers dash off the start. Sonic The Hedgehog is in 1st. Chip passes him with a boost. Sonic gets an chili dog. He throws it at Chip, but Chip gets a Quantonium.  He eats it. Chip and his kart turn rainbow, and he blocks Sonic's chilidog. Chip thought he was out of trouble, so he looked behind him, and saw Sonic, and he laughed at him for his lack of item skills. Chip was laughing so much that he wasn't watching the road, so he hit a pothole, spun out , rolled over 3 times, smashed through the guardrail and slid off track. 2 laps later, only Sonic and Hedgehog Dude were in the race. Sonic sideswiped Hedgehog Dude, but it didn't hurt his kart. Hedgehog Dude used a controller to make Sonic pass him, but go up the Mega Jump and wreck. Hedgehog Dude won the race.